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Powerful support in realising your objectives

Are you facing major commercial challenges? Are you sometimes outstripped by the opportunities for growth? Is there a merger hanging in the air? Or are there some issues that you sometimes want to discuss with a professional? Then FLIGHT coaching can offer a solution.

FLIGHT coaching focuses on commercial performance, either individually or in a team. Reasons for opting for coaching can include questions and development needs in areas such as leadership and management, organisation and team development, career development and effective communication. The sessions are also increasingly being used as sounding boards for current themes and dilemmas. These include how to manage a merger, for example, or a reorganisation, or cultural differences within the organisation.

How does Flight coaching work?

FLIGHT coaching helps responsible professionals to realise growth. During an intensive coaching programme, we build a bridge between the organisational objectives and goals relating to personal growth.

Together with the coachee, and taking the current starting point as our basis, we determine the objectives of the coaching programme. Based on these findings, we develop an approach in which the coach purposively guides a process of further professionalisation. This is always grounded in the organisation’s commercial context. The growth process takes place on three levels:

  • Attitude–the right attitude on the part of the coachee.
  • Insight–the instruments the coachee needs for general or specific guidance.
  • Skills–the skills that are essential for the behaviour in the desired situation.

The coach is able to translate individual learning needs into an approach that works by means of training and coaching on the three levels outlined above. Coachees can often be guided towards more effective behaviour through the removal of internal obstacles. This creates of new and interesting opportunities.

We plan one coaching session per period (between 4 and 8 weeks). After each session, an assignment is set that relates to the coachee’s work. Four weeks after the session, we hold a consultation via Skype or by phone, in which the assignment is discussed. We also like to use this moment to give the employee feedback and tips.

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