We look back on the various FLIGHT training programmes followed by our internal and external services with great satisfaction. The practice-oriented and sometimes confrontational approach gets through to participants, and the well-structured training programmetakes them in manageable steps along a personal improvement trajectory for sales and communication. This has made a demonstrable contributionto the further growth and professionalisation of our team and our company.

Paul Möller,  Director Allianz Inkomensverzekeringen

We thoroughly enjoyed the FLIGHT training. By any measure, you are effective speakers and educators. I personally appreciated the approach to anticipating end-users’ intentions and I am grateful for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and experiences with us. I believe we can benefit immediately from the methods suggested and the enthusiasm is really contagious. Congratulations and many thanks for a job well done!

Hans van Neijenhof, Sales Director Asia Pacific at Morgan-Mils

FLIGHT advises us in the area of planning and working in a goal-oriented way. Among other things, this means support in the areas of organisation and management.

Various training programmes have improved our sales levels and hence our performance. FLIGHT is good at imagining itself in a practical role. It’s obvious that they are extremely experienced, and this is also clear from the various practical examples.

Mathijs de Vries, Country Manager ODLO Sportswear N.V.

FLIGHT has helped our sales team with the change processthat followed a takeover. FLIGHT’s diverse training experience meant that it was able to strike the right chord. This got the team moving and the new “world”, with its accompanying sales process, became embedded in the team.

MarjaHalma, Business Unit Manager Neurology, Abbott Laboratories

FLIGHT’s distinguishing approach is characterised by not only paying attention to knowledge and skills, but also to attitude.Having insight into one’s own behaviour and being stimulated to make this behaviour more effective distinguishes FLIGHT’s approach from that of many others. This integral approach ensures successful and goal-oriented commercial growth, and theparticipants’ performance greatlyimproves.

Jack Bonnie, Regiodirecteur Allianz

If you’relooking for a coach who challengesand coaches professionals in an appropriate and direct way, who stimulates the desire to change, and who offers the right means for the process of change and growth … contact FLIGHT and set them a challenge.

ZoranNikolic, EBCNederland

FLIGHT takes a confrontational,clear-cut approach. They understand change processes and their experience in various sectors means they can give innovative advice.

Robert Gerritsen, Vivare

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