FLIGHT training

Performance begins with change

At FLIGHT, changing behaviour is a key aspect of our approach. After all, behaviour ranks as the most important success factor when it comes to realising business growth. Training is an effective instrument for changing behaviour, and we put employee growth at the heart of our training programmes.

FLIGHT works with professionals who use goal-oriented training methods. All of our professionals have at least ten years of experience as trainers and coaches.

Our areas of focus


  • Goal-oriented communication
  • Communication-based approach to changing business models
  • Advisory skills
  • Developing a (more) commercial attitude
  • Implementing effective communication processes

  • Developing a (more) commercial attitude, individually and team-based
  • Optimisation of commercial behaviour
  • Sales approach for changing business models
  • Implementing effective sales processes

  • Managing professionals
  • Steering towards activities and results
  • Coaching leadership
  • Team development
  • Attitude development for effective leadership

Our philosophy

Our training focuses on the desired situation, including the objectives. We believe in achieving positive changes in employee behaviour in the areas of communication, commerce and leadership. This change in behaviour always focuses on increasing effectiveness and, with this, performance. As a result, participants develop in line with their own qualities and ambitions, so as to apply their attitudes and skills to maximum effect in their roles and working environments.

Our approach

FLIGHT starts by conducting a business scan. Among other things, this consists of intake interviews and a baseline evaluation of your processes, activity planning and market approach. Following this, we jointly formulate the objectives and we design the training programme. The training programme is based on Action Learning and features practical tasks and learning points. At the end of the training programme, we make sure that the method learned is embedded in practice.



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